General layout plan

At the entrance there is a wide car park with tree-lined roads and flower beds in bloom, then a peaceful walkway running along the buildings up to achieve the core of Nest: the wide square surrounded by the three buildings Magnolia, Bamboo and Eucalyptus. In addition to the working areas, inside the buildings there are various services, from gym to kindergarten, from bistro to restaurant, bookshop, exhibition space and auditorium.

Magnolia Building

4.564 m2
Total surface

Floor Use m2
04 Office+Terrace 380+460
03 Office+Loggia 830+20
02 Office+Loggia+Terrace 830+20+100
01 Office 750
00 Office 830
-01 Warehouse 340

Bamboo Building

3.236 m2
Total surface

Floor Use m2
02 Terrace 600
01 Auditorium 830
01 Terrace 200
00 Restaurant/Bar 860
00 Conference Centre 200
-01 Kitchens 550

Eucalyptus Building

11.283 m2
Total surface

Floor Use m2
07 Office+loggia+terrace 1.060+20+260
06 Office+loggia 1.300+40
05 Office+loggia 1.300+40
04 Office+loggia 1.300+40
03 Office+loggia 1.300+40
02 Office+terrace 1.340+90
01 Office+terrace 1.230+100
00 Office 1.430
-01 Warehouse 410
00 Kindergarten 640
-01 Fitness 600

Technical specifications

Pergolas roofing and vertical shading devices
Façade with triple glazed, insulated, aluminium doors and windows
Full-height glasses from the floor to the ceiling
Modular metal false ceiling with bandraster
Overhead floor h. 12 cm
Double height entrance hall
Loggias and terraces with wood slat floor
Parking spaces: 517 (500 indoor, 17 outdoor) + 20 motorcycle parks

The main square

The big main square is ideal for relax but also for an extemporaneous meeting or to focus on and work out new ideas. It is surrounded by smart, crystal and wood architectures.

Bamboo Building

Into the core of the nest a world is opened up

The main building, Bamboo, contains on the ground floor restaurant, bistro and bookshop. A spectacular spiral staircase gives access to the very wide underground auditorium.

On the whole surface of the roof there is a big solarium where shading devices give life to a snug and relaxing atmosphere and, almost like a big, exciting sundial, indicates the time of day.

Magnolia Building

A spectacular arcade, a comfortable structure

The spectacular cantilevered roof draws a graphic arcade indicating the access to the square. The five-storey building is an irregular and comfortable structure, also thanks to the particular loggias giving great prestige to the executive offices.

Each floor is equipped with meeting rooms, single offices, executive and open spaces, waiting areas and reception. The double height hall is really striking. The building is equipped with an underground “dedicated” parking area.

850 m2
Third Floor Layout surface

Hypothesis of maximum establishment
66 Open office workstations
3 Closed office workstations
2 Executive office workstations
18 Meeting room workstations
89 Total workstations

Eucalyptus Building

A majestic and slender architecture.

A transparent and slender cover, cadenced along the façade by the movement of the vertical shading devices. The full-height glass walls find their natural completion in walkable loggias and terraces, with elegant wood slat floors. This is a seven-storey building.

On each floor there are open spaces and single offices, meeting rooms and executive offices, waiting areas and reception. On the underground floor, gym and kindergarten. The double height luxury hall allows to accede directly to the services hosted on the ground floor of the building Eucalyptus.

1.350 m2
Third Floor Layout surface

Hypothesis of maximum establishment
unit 1 unit 2 unit 1+2
50 34 84 Open office workstations
2 2 5 Closed office workstations
1 3 4 Executive office workstations
10 18 28 Meeting room workstations
63 58 121 Total workstations